COVID 19 Precautions

Mitey Riders has taken several steps to protect our riders, volunteers and staff during the COVID 19 pandemic.  

Phased Riding

Operations during the pandemic were restricted.  We limited class sizes to increase social distancing and minimized direct contact.  As conditions improve, we are slowly bringing back riders that need more in-class support.

Masks, Social Distance, and Sanitizer

Masks are required for all participants, volunteers and staff members.  We have implemented changes in routine that allow for social distancing. Hand sanitizer is required upon arrival and is available throughout the barn. 

Safety Protocols in the Barn

Equipment is cleaned after each use and in between riders.  Barn surfaces are disinfected daily.

Attendance & Visitors

The farm is closed to unscheduled visitors. Our waiting areas are currently closed. We track attendance and conduct a COVID 19 health screening prior to entry to barn activities.