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What it means to be a mitey equine

Job Description //

Our horses are the heart (and legs!) of our program. Mitey Riders currently is home to several equine therapists, each with a unique personality. It takes a special equine to be able to do this job. They have the ability to not only trust their instructors but listen to their leaders and their riders. Many of our riders are not equally balanced on the left and right side of their bodies and our horses help them adjust and gain coordination and balance.

Our horses perform with the highest degree of patience, love and ability, and provide the perfect partner for our riders to grow, learn, rehabilitate and simply experience joy in the saddle. 


Our beloved Chuck…he has been a foundation pony in our program for many years. He used to take many children through their pony show years and now adores his riders in our Mitey Rider program. He is most definitely a crowd favorite for his sweet and loving personality.

Morgan Cross Pony



Clover was an eventing pony before coming to Mitey Riders and she has been a solid and steady ride for many of our riders. Her wide stature from her Quarter Horse/Paint bloodlines creates an unwavering ride for our riders that are unsure of their balance.

Paint Pony


Cosmo has been a therapuetic riding horse since 2013! Before coming to Mitey Riders he was a well loved children’s horse working in the hunter show ring.

Welsh Cross



Elton is a handsome gelding whose first career was in the hunter show ring. He enjoys working with our riders now and loves to pose for pictures!

Dutch Warmblood



Koda is a sweet horse who found his home at Mitey Riders. He is very smart and curious and will whinny to his riders!


Little Man

Little Man arrived in 2023 and has quickly become a rider favorite.  He is always ready for a ride and enjoys his riders. He has wonderful gaits unique to his breed.

Paso Fino



“Oliver Twist” is Ollie’s official name and we think it fits him so well. He is well known in the program for his great size and unique coloring. Due to the Rocky Mountain Horse bloodlines, his coloring is actually called “Champagne Chocolate.” His riders just love his sweet personality.

Rocky Mountain Horse X Welsh Pony



Pearl spent her first career as a well loved horse in the hunter world. She has quickly become a farm favorite with her kind spirit and beautiful look! We are so glad she has chosen us for her second career!

Draft/Thoroughbred Cross


Pillsbury joined Mitey Riders with a background in foxhunting, a children’s horse and experience in other therapuetic riding programs.  He brings all love for people to his new job at Mitey Riders!

Clydsdale/Halflinger Cross



Poncho joined Mitey Riders in 2023! He is an off-the-track thoroughbred who most recently worked as in the hunter show ring. Poncho loves to show off his good looks and loving demeanor with his riders.




Rex is a beautiful chestnut colored quarterhorse who comes to Mitey Riders after a career working with children and adults.  He is patient with his riders and loves everyone he meets!

Quarter Horse



Sofia is a sweet and careful pony. She makes a point in each ride to care for her riders and ride to their ability. She is always looking out for their best interest. Riders and volunteers alike love her for her patience and kind heart.

Pony Cross


Sundance is absolutely wonderful. His size and stature provides for many riders’ needs. He has “seen the world” in his previous career in the quarter horse show ring and has used that experience in his new job as a Mitey Rider!

Quarter Horse



Stella joined Mitey Riders in 2023! She is a wonderful mare that truly loves being with our riders and volunteers!  She was a very fancy pony hunter in her first career and now enjoys rides with our Mitey Riders. 

Welsh Pony



Sugar has been with us for many years. Her riders adore her for her cute looks, size and personality. Sugar’s name fits her quite well. She has the ability to adjust to her rider’s needs and is very intuitive. She is great for our first-time riders and our more independent small riders.

Shetland Pony


Mr. Chubbs

Chubbs is a sweet horse who joined Mitey Riders in 2023.  He is very kind and takes good care of his riders.

Gypsy Vanner/Halflinger Cross


Can your horse be a mitey equine?

Become a

Part of Our Herd //

The ideal therapy horse is sound, has an unflappable temperament and patient demeanor. Our horses have come from many different backgrounds, including show horses, school horses and family pets. If you have a horse (or horses) you’d like us to consider, please read our therapy horse criteria below to see if your horse fits the bill! 

Application and lease agreement are linked below and on our Forms & Downloads page

Each horse leased to Mitey Riders must:

  • Be unflappable (nothing bothers them)
  • Have full and complete vision
  • Have a solid, strong back
  • Be forgiving of an inexperienced and unbalanced rider
  • Be between 8 and 18 years of age
  • Be completely sound in all four limbs.
  • Have a free-moving stride at the walk, trot, and canter and with smooth gait transitions
  • Be well trained under saddle to respond to all four aids: hands, feet, seat and voice
  • Be comfortable around a variety of people
  • Be comfortable at a tie rail

Any records or additional information that you may have, such as registration papers, health records, photos, and awards would be very helpful.

If Mitey Riders initially approves a horse being considered for lease, the horse will be brought to Misty Meadows for a trial period that may last up to ninety days before officially being accepted into the program.

On behalf of all our riders, thank you for your interest in placing your horse at Misty Meadows Mitey Riders. It is only through the generosity of people like you that our riders can achieve remarkable accomplishments and experience the joy of riding a horse.

Lease Application


Lease Agreement

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