Who we are : www.miteyriders.org

What We Track: We do not track website use information

What Data We Collect:

Contact Us Forms: We keep form submissions for up to 1 year for customer service purposes. We do not sell information or share it with other organizations.

Online Forms: (Annual Updates, Volunteer Applications, etc.)

Online form users are required to give consent for the collection of personal data within the online form.  Personally identifiable data examples includes email addresses, name, address and phone number. By  completing the online form, you give us permission to collect input data for Mitey Riders purposes only.

Data is stored by us on the website host server  for a period of no more than 2 months. We delete user submitted information from the website host server after that period, however, this information will continue to be saved for use in Mitey Riders usual business practices.

We do not share or sell your personal information with ANY other organizations.

Your Right To Remove Your Data From Mitey Riders (electronic and paper records)

Anyone providing information to Mitey Riders via online forms or through, email or paper applications, may request that Mitey Riders purge our systems of your information upon your request.  This request should be made to the Mitey Riders’ office via email to ridewithus@miteyriders.org.

Mitey Riders does not store physician created health information in electronic format. Any rider health records provided by health care providers are stored in paper format and can be returned or destroyed upon request to Mitey Riders’ office at ridewithus@miteyriders.org.

Breach Notification: Mitey Riders will notify you in the event that any of your information has been accessed by unauthorized parties.