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Safety Training

In-Person Safety Training//

Training is held in person at the farm in August for all NEW volunteers and NEW rider families.

Returning volunteers are asked to review our current training videos and handbook as a refresher to our policies.

Staff also will review safety procedures the first week of class with all volunteers and riders.


Safety Training Dates

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Contact ridewithus@miteyriders.org



Safety Training

Videos //

Leader Training

Side-Walker Training

Emergency Dismounts

From a Rider's Point of View

It is important as a volunteer to understand all the inputs and distractions our riders have when mounted.

This video demonstrates how distracting it can be to have too many inputs, in this case too many voices.

Note, this is NOT a video of an actual class – but it does provide you with a new perspective on how overwhelming too many voices can be to a rider.


Take-Aways – Be sure you choose just 1 person to communicate with the rider and minimize extra conversation during lessons.



Sidewalker & Leader Examples //


Joy's Training Scenarios

Check out this manual created by our Program Director! It has some great training examples for sidewalkers and leaders!

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